Maximising on Space in Your Home with Fitted Furniture

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When it comes to storage in your home, every inch of space is vital!

With truly bespoke custom made fitted furniture, you not only save on space but also maximise on storage!

At Harmony, we consider your storage needs, your design tastes and the available space you have, with a view to advising and creating furniture that works for you and your home.

From the initial home visit, to sketching out your hand-drawn design, through to manufacture and installation, you will see your furniture coming to life and achieving your storage goals, and more!

You don’t need to worry about awkward spaces, angled sloped ceilings or uneven walls as all this is considered in your design – leave it to us to design your fitted furniture to fill the space completely without the need to use large unnecessary infills that waste important storage space.  We ensure access to all areas of your furniture by way of our unique design features, especially those annoying corners!

So whatever available space you have, whatever your storage needs, if the materials can achieve it, then so can we!



Chat to us at Harmony about your needs and how we can work with you to ensure we make the most of every available space in your room with our custom made fitted furniture and storage.  Call us on 01256 844993 or drop us an email at